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Bud Jackson Bud Jackson is a Democratic media and general consultant who advises candidates, organizations and corporations in strategic communication, campaign strategy and grassroots organizing.

Unlike many media consultants today, Bud believes in the power of micro-targeting for persuasion and turnout.  He has absorbed countless studies on behavioral and social science and applies those techniques to messaging and how it is delivered to voters. “The most powerful way to build upon what we continue to learn with micro-targeting and new approaches for turnout and persuasion is to better test and implement the marriage of these with behavioral and social science,” he said during a recent panel discussion.

Jackson has produced award-winning television, radio, digital/online media for clients of all levels. When he produced the “Draft Wesley Clark for President” ad campaign it was the first time any television commercial had been produced to draft a candidate for United States President.  During a two-week stint on the road with the Clark campaign, he also became the first media consultant to shoot, edit and upload daily video to the campaign’s website in near real-time.

“I had purchased two specially configured laptop video editors, before such a thing existed.  They must have weighed twenty pounds each, were incredibly slow to edit and upload video, but it was fun because nobody had done it.”

Bud is president emeritus of the American Association of Political Consultants Mid-Atlantic chapter.  National Journal's Hotline has profiled him and Campaigns and Elections Magazine featured him as a "Mover and Shaker" in American politics.  He appears frequently on television and radio programs and is often quoted in print media as an experienced Democratic strategist.  He lectures on current political events and campaign strategy and is a contributing author to Louisiana State University's Guide to Political Communication.

Bud hails from Massachusetts and remains a loyal Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots fan. He is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication.

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