Strategy and Message Development

Long before any ad is cut or grassroots action ordered, we review available polling and research and work with you and your team to develop effective messaging.  We’ll then draft a strategy that includes utilizing the best tactics available to succeed. 

Media Relations and Crisis Communication

Bud is one of the nation’s most talented media relations and crisis communications professionals whose work has won several awards.  He has successfully guided politicians, companies and organizations through countless crises and has helped generate positive front page stories, leading news segments, and viral Internet coverage.  His media relations work has taken him into state supreme courts, the bowels of the United States Capitol chased by the national press corps, the front steps of state capitols, and in front of banks of television news cameras.  He has driven national media coverage, worked to kill unfair and untrue stories, and softened the blow of critical stories.

General Consulting Services

Bud has worked just about every job there is on a campaign and has consulted hundreds of others, so there is little that he has not already done.  Whether it’s debate prep, polling, opposition research, speech writing, field programs, fundraising, digital campaign services, he can help or find you the right person for the job.  He routinely works with some of the best campaign tacticians in the nation.


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